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It is one of the most powerful pneumatichydraulic lifts on the market, with a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons.
Its extraordinary handiness is one of its major features.
The lifting range with extensions (supplied as a standard) goes from 235 mm to 605 mm max.
The lifting system is of the single-stage vertical cylinder type.






A compact and powerful equipment. It can lift up to 28 tons on the first stage and 18 on the second one.
Starting from a very low lifting point (just 150 mm from the floor),
it reaches a maximum lift of 457 mm with the aid of extensions supplied as a standard.
Its overall dimensions are very small.
The handle can be easily removed and the lift can be used for emergency service on the road.
The lifting system is of the multistagevertical cylinder type.


CA240 P

The CA240P has very small overall dimensions with exceptional liftingrange.
The tested air-hydraulic operating mode allows rapid approach to the lifting point.
The lifting control is divided into two different types:
– with load, by actuating the cursor (counter clockwise rotation -› descent valve open),
the jack goes down at a speed controlled by an internal device
– without load, with the cursor control open (descent valve) E, fig. 7a,
actuating the button F, fig. 7, to complete the descent.
Thanks to the removable handle and easy connection of the pneumatic power,
it features very small overall dimensions. In fact,
it can be stored in truck bodies to be used immediately in the event of an emergency.



It features a very sturdy structure, is practical and allows working fast and safely.
The support point for the load to be lifted is very low (only mm 160)
and gives a lifting range of up to 650 mm from the floor.
It is expressly designed to lift vehicles with very low body,
including trucks and latest generation buses.The lifting system is of the parallelogram type.


CA002 CE

It lifts any type of cars, vans and light transport vehicles.
It is handy and features fast lift anddescent, and allows quick and safe operations
in any working condition.The lifting system is of the parallelogram type.